We welcome you to the world of our passion, precision and exceptional craftsmanship. We are ExcludedFromCulture Company, specializing in the production of BDSM metal furniture. Our long history, experience, and commitment to creating the highest quality products have made us a leader in this market. We would like to invite you to get to know our company, which not only offers metal furniture, but provides unforgettable experiences.

Our Passion, Your Comfort

Since the beginning of our business, our passion for creating BDSM furniture has been our main source of inspiration. We create furniture that not only fulfills its function, but also combines aesthetics, durability and functionality. Our goal is to provide our customers with comfort, safety and satisfaction during BDSM practices.

Experience and Professionalism

Our company boasts years of experience in the production of BDSM metal furniture. With our team of experienced craftsmen and designers, we are able to create furniture that meets the highest quality standards. Our expertise and commitment to design and production are proof of our professionalism.

Premium Products

Our BDSM metal furniture is a premium product, which is characterized not only by reliability, but also by exceptional design. Each of our products is carefully designed, made of the highest quality materials and subjected to rigorous quality control. Our goal is to provide furniture that exceeds our customers' expectations and is an investment for years to come.

Key Product Categories

Our product range includes several major categories of BDSM metal furniture: 1. BDSM Beds: Our beds are true works of art, combining comfort with functionality. They accommodate a variety of positions and restrictions, allowing you to explore your fantasies in comfort. 2. BDSM Tables: Our BDSM tables are not only a place for exploration, but also decorative elements. Made with precision, they provide stability and durability, which is essential during BDSM practices. 3. BDSM Chairs: Our chairs are symbols of dominance and submission. Sturdy construction and comfortable seats make them not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing. 4. BDSM Crosses: Our BDSM crosses are indispensable tools for boundary exploration. Made of solid steel, they allow for a variety of positions and scenarios. 5. BDSM Cages: Our BDSM cages are places full of mystery and intimacy. Solid construction and customizable color allow for unique scenarios.

Individual Approach to the Customer

As a ExcludedFromCulture company, we value an individual approach to each client. We understand that everyone has their own needs, desires and boundaries. That's why our team is ready to listen to your expectations and help you choose the right BDSM furniture to meet your needs.

Beyond Furniture - We Create Experiences

Our BDSM furniture are not just objects, they are tools to create unforgettable experiences. We want each of our customers to have the opportunity to explore their desires in a safe and satisfying way. Our company is not just a furniture manufacturer, but also a partner in your BDSM journey.


ExcludedFromCulture Company is where passion, experience and professionalism come together to create BDSM metal furniture of the highest quality. Our offer includes a wide range of products that allow you to explore your fantasies in comfort and safety. Individual approach to the customer, experience and commitment are our most important features. Discover our offer and join us on a journey through the world of BDSM.