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BDSM tables

BDSM tables are furniture or tools used in BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism) practices for various purposes. They are specially designed tables or platforms that allow the performance of various BDSM activities such as bondage, spanking, or other forms of dominance and submission. BDSM tables have different designs and functions, depending on the type of play and the preferences of the users. Thus, BDSM bondage tables are usually equipped with handles, straps or attachment points to fix the partner in position. They may have special features such as handcuffs or ropes to help restrict a partner's movement. Spanking tables, on the other hand, are usually equipped with specially shaped surfaces that allow spanking or whipping to be performed in a comfortable manner. Tables of this type may have padded surfaces to provide comfort for the partner who is positioned on them. Some BDSM tables are designed with medical treatment or exploration in mind - here it can be interesting for partners to play the roles of doctor and patient. A separate category of products are BDSM torture tables. These can be used to perform various forms of erotic torture or other BDSM practices. In addition, they may have attachment points on which a partner can be fixed in a position to access different parts of the body. There are also BDSM tables specifically designed to perform specific fetishisms or scenarios, such as food play, latex play or foot play. It should be made clear at this point that BDSM tables can be made from a variety of materials, such as steel, wood or plastic, and are often customised. However, as with other BDSM tools and furniture, safety and communication between partners is key. Therefore, always follow safety rules and make sure all play is based on voluntary consent and full trust.

Erotic tables

Erotic tables are specially designed furniture or tools that are used in erotic and sexual play to add variety to the experience and explore new positions or activities. These types of tables vary according to their function, and some may be tailored to specific fetishes or sexual preferences. Erotic massage tables are usually padded and designed for pleasurable massage of a partner's body. They can be used for both relaxing and more erotic massage, often using oils or lotions. Another type of tables are erotic tables designed for tantric intercourse. These have special padded surfaces and ergonomic shapes that allow different sexual positions and techniques to be performed. Some erotic tables are designed with BDSM practices in mind, especially bondage. They may have attachment points, straps or handcuffs to secure a partner in position. Other erotic tables can be adapted for erotic games or play, such as adult board games or erotic accessory kits. Add to this collection erotic tables for food play, which have comfortable surfaces that allow the exploration of different forms of food play in a sexual context, such as body massage with chocolate or wine. There are also erotic tables specifically designed for the realisation of specific fetishisms, such as playing with feet, latex or latex clothing. And don't forget the extremely popular furniture of Nuru erotic massage tables, which allow you to practice a specific type of body massage known as Nuru massage, which is often performed with gel. It is worth bearing in mind that erotic tables vary according to their purpose and can be customised to suit the individual preferences of the users.

Customised steel erotic tables: BDSM tables

Bespoke erotic steel tables can be customised to suit your individual preferences and needs. You can customise the size and shape of the table to meet your preferences and to suit the given amount of space in the room. When deciding on the material and finish, choose the type of steel that suits you, such as stainless steel, black steel or other. You can also choose a suitable finish for the table's surface, such as matt or glossy. Bespoke erotic steel tables can also be fitted with various attachment points, handles, handcuffs or other accessories that make it easier to attach your partner or perform other games. The tables in our range are designed in such a way that their ergonomic shape allows you to choose a comfortable position and makes it easy to access your partner. Let us also add that the bespoke erotic steel tables we make can be adjusted in terms of height. If you want the table to be portable, castors or another transport system can be added.